Rhonda Dubin Images | About
After a discouraging critique by a photography professor while I was a young student many years ago, I quietly put my first 35mm camera down, believing that I would never take photographs again. It wasn't until the digital age when my techie instincts took over that I fell in love with taking pictures. A former weaver, jewelry-maker, paper-maker, book artist, and now, part-time graphic designer, I am delighted by color, form, texture and the serendipitous juxtaposition of those elements and the visual treats they present.

I live amongst the glorious Redwoods in Northern California, yet my inspiration mostly come from travels here and there. When I am in a country such as Mexico, you will often find me taking close-up photographs of walls, sidewalks, grit and other mundane details of daily life. I feel like an archaeologist gathering treasures...and when I lay them out before me I have a sense of the place I have been.

Lately I have been exploring urban themes and black and white imagery - a contrasting and equally exciting photographic adventure with a more modern twist, which provides me with a similar way of seeing through form, line and texture.

I hope you enjoy perusing...